Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Lost Crowes

The Lost Crowes is right -- only hardcore fans will know of the music on this two-CD set, and even then, chances are they haven't heard it. And it's not like this is an odds-n-sods collection of outtakes and B-sides, either: The Lost Crowes contains two complete unreleased albums called Tall and Band, recorded in 1993 and 1997, respectively, but in the vaults until now. Tall metamorphosed into the sprawling 1994 masterpiece Amorica, with a handful of its songs popping up elsewhere, including 1996's Three Snakes and One Charm. Band was simply left behind as the group moved on to By Your Side. Tall sounds like a rough draft of Amorica; while Band sonically falls halfway between the ragged Amorica and the hard-edged Three Snakes. This is a great Crowes album showcasing their skills as songwriters and as a loose yet muscular jam band.

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