Saturday, October 1, 2011

Live Monsters

Quintessential Colorado band Big Head Todd and the Monsters (BHTM) has finally given its fans what they have desired for years: a full-length collection of their live hits. Recorded over the last few years at shows in some of the band's favorite towns - including Denver, Chicago, and Austin - "Live Monsters" is an outstanding retrospective of all that the three-piece band has accomplished over the last decade. Without delay, the disc starts of with a finely-tuned version of their best-known hit, 1993's sultry "Bittersweet." Listening to Todd Park Mohr's heavy voice carry the words over finely-crafted chords, accompanied by well-timed drums and subtle bass from Brian Nevin and Rob Squires, is a great study in the contrast of the illusion of being love and its reality.

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