Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Night on the Town

This is the second Brownsville album, and the last that then rhythm guitarist Mike Lutz sang lead. The third album, Yeah! (Smokin'in the Boy's Room) saw Lutz move from guitar to bass and lead guitarist Cub Koda take over the majority of the vocal duties, as the quartet changed to a power trio. While it can't be argued that Koda was the band leader and made them run, Lutz' vocals were far superior IMHO. In any event, this album is full of good old rock and roll. Rock to the Music and Mr. Robert are great tunes, and the boys do a fantastic rendition of When the Saints Come Marching In, as well as a great cover of Motown's Leavin' Here. For anyone who likes roots rock, this one is a winner!

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