Sunday, November 15, 2009


This a great tune from Van Halen! I'm not really gonna get into the Roth/Hager controversy now. All I can say is I liked the studio stuff from the Roth era better than the Hagar era. The live stuff is a different story. All the bootlegs I have from the Roth era sucked while the Hagar era rocked! Yes, I did like the Gary Cherone's Van Halen 3 on a different level.

Personally, this song was inspired by a special friend of mine. We talked about dreams that we shared. That gave me some peace in my heart.

Yep, I did see the Blue Angels...

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Perplexio said...

I've always thought that Sammy had a better voice than Dave... The reason DLR Van Halen tends to be better is that it was more hard rock influenced. When Sammy was brought on board they took a bit more pop-friendly approach to their sound. It takes a whole band to make a decision to shift the band's style that much. I don't place the blame solely on Sammy as some fans do. If Van Halen had continued with a more hard-rock approach with Sammy I think today people would be saying "David who?!"